Trade Tips

All fantasy footballers face challenges throughout the year: playing the right players in your FLEX spot, balancing rosters during bye weeks, and, of course, player injuries. Successful trades and waiver wire pickups are the key to overcoming these obstacles. Making the right trades can make or break your fantasy season. Here are some key tips when assessing if trades are right for your team:
1. Assess Chances of Making Playoffs
Evaluate your chances of making your league's playoffs. Many major websites actually project how your team will finish the regular season. If your team is destined for the playoffs, then focus on players that will do well in the playoffs...especially the ones with the best matchups. That's when you play for $$$.
2. Buy/Sell Bench Players to Get Backup RB’s
The top-20 drafted RB’s over the past three years have only played 12 out of 16 games on average, making back-up RB's a great long-term investment. Always try to get your opponent to toss in a solid back-up RB as part of any trade.
3. Use Trade Tools
There are great resources on the web that can analyze whether or not a potential trade will help/hurt your team. My favorites are:
4. Don't Become Too Attached to Players
It's easy to get attached to your team. You must be willing to trade anyone on your team, regardless of when you drafted them.

8/3/19 --- The Fantasy Football Wizard