2021 Best Sites for Weekly Rankings

Below we rank the top three sites for weekly player rankings.
1. Fantasy Football Analytics
Data. Data. Data. Fantasy Football Analytics the most data-driven fantasy site on the web. They aggregate and weight individual stat projections from numerous resources. You can plug-in customized scoring systems and generate custom rankings for your league.
2. Fantasy Pros
The power of the crowds! Fantasy Pros aggregates real-time rankings from over 100 independent sources online. You can filter which specific sources you would like to incorporate, and even filter for “top-rated” experts. If your league is run through a major website (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.) you can import your team into your Fantasy Pros account for free and easily see which players on your team are ranked the highest.
3. Yahoo! / RotoWire
Yahoo! is affiliated with RotoWire, and a component of their rankings is based on betting lines in Vegas --- in our opinion there is no better way to independently develop rankings. They also provide fractional stat projections, i.e. an RB can be projected to have 0.6 TDs in a game. This distinguishes them from other sites that simply round to the nearest whole stat --- a terrible way to arrive at projected relative points across all players in the league.
Want other resources? Check out this great article by our friends at Fantasy Football Analytics which analytically scores top fantasy sites over the last five years.

8/1/21 --- The Fantasy Football Wizard