Fantasy Football Wizard’s Methodology

The Fantasy Football Wizard implements a data-driven strategy that is unlike any other fantasy site. Check out our one-of-a-kind fantasy football draft kit. What makes us different?
1. Favor players with easy playoff week matchups
We bump up a player’s draft ranking if he has great playoff matchups. We put increased weight on these favorable matchups because that’s when you play for $$$.
2. Favor early-season matchups
Players get injured or traded throughout the year. In the three seasons from 2017-2019, top-20 drafted RB’s and TE’s only started 12 of 16 games while QB’s and WR’s started 14 of 16 games. We skew our rankings towards more favorable early-week matchups, especially for RB’s and TE’s, since they are less likely to be on your team later in the season. Bottom line: get the players with the good matchups early-on.
3. Complementary QB combos that give you a favorable matchup every week of the season
Most leagues only have one QB slot. So, what do you do when your top QB has a bye or really tough matchup? Strategically draft your second QB to have great matchups when your first QB has bad ones!

Check out all of our code on github!

8/7/21 --- The Fantasy Football Wizard