Complementary Weekly Matchups: QB’s and DEF’s

Most fantasy owners simply try to draft the best two QB’s available throughout the draft. Very few look ahead to the future at weekly matchups throughout the year. This is a huge mistake as a QB with a top-tier favorable matchup versus a bottom-tier is ~8 points/game. These points add up throughout the season and can make the difference between winning or losing a championship. The same can be said for DEF’s: the difference between a top-tier favorable matchup versus a bottom-tier is ~6 points/game.

The FFWIZARD.COM Draft Kit contains a comprehensive list of DEF’s and QB’s with matchups that complement each other throughout the year. Let’s review examples of a great QB pair and a great DEF pair (the letter grades represent matchup strength: AAA is best, F is worst):

Owners in most leagues draft two QB's and can only play one – this is when complements become crucial. Tony Romo and Derek Carr represent a great QB combo, ranked the #15 and #10 QB’s respectively. Combined, they are ranked in the top-10 or top-5 every week except in week 6. You can wait to be one of the last players in your league to draft a QB and effectively end up with a top-tier QB combined. In fact, the combination of Romo and Carr even outranks Cam Newton on his own…by ~2 points/game! Not only can you pick up 2 points/game by drafting this combo instead of Newton, you’ll be able to grab a solid FLEX player in the ~3rd round and the ~9th round…this is another ~4 points per game. It’s equivalent to having an extra TD every week of the season!

Buffalo’s and Jacksonville’s defenses also complement each other very well – combined they only have 3 weeks with slightly below-average matchups. On their own, each has ~7 weeks with below-average matchups. Of course, draft strategy matters. Most owners don’t draft two defenses and play the add/drop game during the season. This is not a bad strategy, but you must stay ahead of the calendar. Make sure you pick up the complement 2-3 weeks ahead of when you’ll need them.

The theme of this article, and my overall strategy, is MATCHUPS MATTER….A LOT. Starting players with favorable matchups consistently can make the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Download the FFWIZARD.COM Draft Kit to give yourself the edge!

8/10/2016 --- The Fantasy Football Wizard